4 Keys to Unlocking Your Income Thinking – Are You Looking for Financial Freedom?

How much is enough? Why do we always have to think about our money or income in terms of what is enough to lead a good life? Nature is abundant and there is more than enough for everyone to enjoy. When you look at a fruit tree, it is full of fruit – not just “enough” to feed you and your family or friends. If we are part of nature, why do we constantly think of earning “enough” to feel comfortable and not think of abundance?

Let’s THINK BIG today and see if we can break our limiting beliefs about money and income and unlock our high-income / high-success thinking.

There are 4 keys to changing your way of earning or money:

Key 1: Cut out the need for working hours for dollars

Many start-ups either leave their jobs to start a business or start an additional business to earn more income. They do this, thinking that their new start-up will offer them more freedom, only to find that they are still working hard and calculating money in hours in dollars.

On the other hand, people in the workplace feel dissatisfied because their growing incomes over time are simply not enough for the life they want to lead. Their hard work over time does not give them the return they need to retire and live on their savings. The stress and pressure of working or keeping a job only contributes to this feeling of inadequacy.

How to break the working cycle for dollars and create a profit that allows you to live the way you want?

The answer to this is in understanding the concept of being a “lifestyle entrepreneur”. A lifestyle entrepreneur creates a business that revolves around the lifestyle he wants to live. They make money through a strong understanding and implementation of passive income strategies.

The question you need to ask at this point is:

“What kind of lifestyle do I want to live? Does my current career (or business) give me the tools and come back to live that way? If not, what can I change?”

Write the answers in your diary if you can. You may be pleasantly surprised by the answers you give yourself.

Key 2: Stop being and feel underestimated – Assess your true potential

If you are a business owner, a freelancer, a self-employed person or just someone who is making the transition from working to being your own boss, you know as well as I do, success requires hard work. However, hard work without clarity will not get you anywhere. Without a clear direction for your life and business, clear income goals and a clear idea of ​​how you can get there, your hard work will not pay off.

Why do most people not have this clarity? Clarity requires 3 things:

1. Understanding your goal – What do you want to contribute to this world?

2. Understand your value – What unique skills do you have that would help you make an impact in this world?

3. Understanding your potential – What unique ability do you have to realize it and how?

Let me give you an example. My goal in my business is to help create successful entrepreneurial leaders who create great impact in their communities. My unique skill lies in communication, creating seminars and online marketing. I use this to communicate and deliver our content to our customers, creating my weekly Inbox magazine and my online training programs. My potential to connect with peers and mentors gave me the opportunity and the idea to create a platform where I could invite our fellow coaches, experts and successful entrepreneurs to collaborate with our work and help our clients. This is our HOW. This way you can create clarity in your business. When you do, it gives incredible focus and energy to your growth.

You deserve the income you want to create. It all starts with an assessment of your true value and potential – if your current job or business is not using the best to create your best life, you need to take a step back and look in the right direction.

Key 3: Focus on exponential growth

Many people focus on linear growth – a slow, gradual increase in what they gain throughout their lives. Successful people, on the other hand, practice exponential growth – they create multiple revenue streams that allow them to grow by leaps and bounds. Exponential growth gives you financial freedom. This is what creates true abundance.

How do you create exponential growth? This leads to key 4, which is a continuation of this key to success.

Key 4: Find a leverage system that gives you passive income through multiple channels

Success is never accidental. It is a constant process of innovation and growth. You need to find the right system to turn to to provide you with the tools and foundations to create the exponential growth you are looking for. So, the most important plan we can give you today is this:

1. Bank a leverage system that can provide you with exponential growth – Find online marketing and an online business platform that will automate your business.

2. Learn to create multiple revenue streams through this system, making full use of your unique skills and full potential – once you know and see success in your system with a single product or service, you can recreate the system for multiple products and services ( therefore create multiple income streams).

Important note: Although I say create multiple revenue streams, please note that you must first succeed in a project, product, or service before you can diversify. Don’t get distracted by too many projects when you start.

3. Create passive income strategies and move away from working hours. If you want to consult, or take a one-on-one session, or work on a manual project, be sure to do so. But don’t forget to create additional automated channels which also give you a passive income. Passive income strategies will help your business continue to make money, even without you being physically there. Some examples would be automated online programs for your business or books and PDFs downloading using affiliate marketing (reselling programs created by other people), or simply getting affiliates to sell your program around the world.

A change in your MINIDET FOR INCOME and your INCOME STRATEGIES will help you increase your income capacity without any problems if you decide to do so. The choice to do smart business and financial growth is always up to you.