Why network marketers have to face new challenges to succeed

For more than 60 years, network marketing has helped produce more millionaires than probably any other industry. It allows ordinary people to create wealth, regardless of their background, education, race or how much money they have in their bank account.
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Thousands of people have become millionaires without the normal costs of setting up and starting their own business.

The introduction of the Internet was once hailed as the perfect network marketing tool, it has changed the way businesses are run, managed and grown. Before the Internet, people built their businesses locally and then worked hard to build them nationally. The Internet has allowed them to build faster nationally and ultimately globally.
With the growth of many businesses worldwide, this in itself has brought many more problems. Business registration in foreign countries and, of course, product registration. Some companies lagged behind and saw their turnover decline. Others stick to the challenge and create huge companies.

Today, millions of people around the world are involved in network marketing, but how will it change and evolve in the coming years?

Since the early 2000s, we have seen a huge growth in companies offering natural health products. Wave after wave of new, healthier, life-changing products have flooded the market. Many of them were very good and extremely effective, but some new companies just jumped in and took advantage of the tidal wave of health interests.

Since the late 2000s, we have seen an increase in the number of companies selling cosmetics and once again, although many products were of high quality, others simply took advantage of the growing trend.

Today, many health and cosmetics companies are seeing a decline in the number of people joining and an increase in the number of people leaving. Many trading companies and corporations have developed products cheaper and just as effective. Many companies have also noticed a huge drop in the number of visitors to their websites. Is Network Marketing Depressed?

Baby boomers have had a huge impact on network marketing. Many of the products and companies were tailored to their needs. Now that baby boomers are retiring, the industry is facing a new challenge. Are we just satisfying baby boomers or are we starting to focus on the younger market and run the business with technology?

I believe that the next two or three years will be very important for all companies in this industry. Last year we saw the closure of a company worth billions of dollars a year. The reasons for the closure are not fully disclosed, although some rumors are that the company relies mostly on its distributors to purchase products each month and insufficient focus on new customers? If this is true, then a whole new box of worms has been opened and many companies will panic, making sure they have enough new customers each month to distract the authorities.

Another rumor is that the authorities are seriously trying to prevent companies from automatically charging their distributors every month for product qualification and income. The car ship, as it is known in the industry, can become a thing of the past. This alone will have a huge impact not only on the company but also on the income of many distributors. I emphasize again that for now this is just a rumor.

So where will the industry go and how badly is it dealing with new laws or coercive changes that it will have to make?

No matter what you think, the industry is still very popular and will remain the best option for anyone who wants to move away from corporate business and work for themselves, but not alone. To date, there is no other way for someone to create wealth without huge start-up costs.

The Internet has opened new doors for people and given them the opportunity to study and start an online business. The failure rate for people starting an affiliate or online business is far higher than for people leaving network marketing.

However, network marketing must change over time and use the huge potential of today’s technology world. Mobile phones are expected to account for over 70% of Internet visitors over the next five years worldwide. In many third world countries, this figure is even higher now!

In five years, more than 5 billion people will have access to the Internet. Today, that figure is 2.8 billion, so each company’s potential to thrive must be able to meet the needs of its market.

We are also seeing a slow but sure decline in the need for money. The UK had fewer people spending cash last year than those paying with cards or mobile phones. Some financial experts predict that the UK will become one of the first Western countries to eliminate the need for money within five years!

Kenya introduced mobile payments a few years ago and today the majority of its population uses them for almost all purchases. It’s weird to think that people don’t have cash, but everyone has cell phones!

Apple Pay, PayPal and other forms of payment are becoming the norm today and contribute to the slow but secure elimination of cash.

But how will this affect the network marketing industry and why is it important?

I believe that it will have the greatest impact on distributors. Many people strive to build a global business, and the simple truth is that if a company only has health products or cosmetics, the opportunity to build a business worldwide is limited. In my opinion, this can have a negative effect on anyone who wants to build globally and convince them to move to a business that has global opportunities.

In addition, the younger generation is more skeptical about so-called “miracle products” today, and we have noticed a significant improvement in normal retail products, which offer the same for a much lower price.

The area in which the industry will notice huge growth and potential is in the world of digital currency. As we move more and more towards a cashless society, it makes sense that digital currency will eventually become the way most people pay for goods and services.

We have already seen a huge increase in the number of businesses that accept bitcoin, and this trend will only increase over time. The main product that companies can offer in the digital world, of course, is education. Technology education, digital currency and investment. I believe that this is an area where network marketing has the potential to thrive and is currently making tremendous progress in this market.

There will always be an atmosphere of skepticism around network marketing, although most people do it every day of their lives. Whenever we recommend something or somewhere to a friend or colleague, we are actually network marketing. Word of mouth has been the best form of advertising for many years, and even with all the different ways companies can promote their business today, word of mouth and testimonials will always be the first choice for most people.

If you are involved in network marketing or are thinking of joining a company, then do the necessary check. Don’t go for a company that limits your potential. There will be some big changes over the next five years, and every company you choose to work with should be able to not only give you the tools, but also an opportunity that will eventually be attractive to everyone, not just those you want to start a business from home.


Technology News for March 2014 Plus a look at the history of March for 5 years

A little history of March in previous years …

Five years ago, c March 2009 Google was in the news of the creation of a $ 100 million venture fund. Bell Canada bought The Source, and the breakup of BearingPoint, after Chapter 11, benefited Deloitte and PwC, among others.
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March 2010 saw a continuation of the economic recovery. It was a quiet month for mergers and acquisitions, with CA buying both 3Tera for about $ 90 million and Nimsoft for $ 350 million. Chordiant was bought by Pegasytems for just over $ 160 million, and the other notable deal was the purchase of Bell Microproducts by Avnet for $ 340 million.
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Three years ago, c March 2011 world events include the earthquake in Japan, the tsunami and the ensuing nuclear problems. The big technology event of the month was AT&T’s announcement of a $ 39 billion deal to buy T-Mobile … which later failed, costing AT&T $ 4 billion. Although there were no other mega-deals of this nature, it was a busy month in the world of mergers and acquisitions. Montreal’s Radian6 was purchased by Salesforce.com for about $ 276 million; Facebook has made several acquisitions in the mobile space Snaptu and Beluga; YouTube paid about $ 50 million for Next New Networks; McAfee bought database protection firm Sentrigo; Cisco bought portal company newScale; Teradata bought start-up data analysis Aster data … continuation of consolidation in the hot data space; and OpenText bought WeComm, a provider of mobile application development tools.
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IN March 2012 had some activity with several (then) young companies receiving significant capital Appirio ($ 60 million) and Hootsuite ($ 20 million). Cisco made several acquisitions, paying $ 5 billion to video and content company NDS Group in addition to a smaller purchase of ClearAccess network management.
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NEC paid $ 450 million for Convergys’ information management business, and Avaya paid $ 230 million for Israeli video conferencing and telepresence company Radvision. Other companies on the acquisition trail were DELL, EMC, SafeNet, Avnet and The Utility Company. Finally, SAIC agreed to pay nearly half a billion dollars to the city of New York in connection with fees that it overpaid and paid kickbacks!
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Last year, c March 2013 some of the “usual heroes” made acquisitions, but billions of dollars in deals were not announced. Oracle continued its movement in the telecommunications space with the acquisition of Tekelec; Google bought a small company based at the University of Toronto, DNNresearch in vertical machine learning; Microsoft sells Atlas Advertiser Suite on Facebook; and Yahoo bought Summly. Microsoft has faced some difficulties in the EU, having to pay a $ 732 million fine for an antitrust policy related to Internet Explorer and Evernote, which suffered a security breach affecting 50 million users.
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Which brings us back to the present …

March 2014 it wasn’t a banner month for acquisitions, but there was one big deal with Facebook that made, somewhat surprisingly, a $ 2 billion acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus VR. Intel has also broadened its horizons with the acquisition of $ 150 million smartwatch maker Basis Science.
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Some other interesting moves showed a significant investment in the big data company Cloudera with the participation of both Google (as part of an investment consortium) and Intel. SAP added to its purchasing software package with the acquisition of Fieldglass, and Telus made several purchases, Enode, a Quebec management consulting company, and Med Access, an addition in British Columbia to their healthcare division. There were several other smaller deals plus Embarcadero bought the ERwinDate modeling software from CA.
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In addition to mergers and acquisitions, there are a number of companies that make news, and not all for good things! Sales of IBM’s Lenovo servers have created some significant labor problems in China, Google has been ordered to pay $ 85 million to SimpleAir for patent infringement, and NetApp has announced it is cutting nearly 5 percent of its 600-job workforce.
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Several bitcoin exchanges have run into serious problems with Mt.Gox “losing” $ 500 million in bitcoins and Vicurex freezing all its accounts after a serious hack. Notable “human events” in March saw Target CEO Beth Jacob resign in response to a recent major data breach, and Symantec fired their CEO Steve Bennett.
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The economic news was at best “light” in Canada, with the unemployment rate unchanged and the overall indicators “blah” (this is one of my best economic terms). However, indicators in the US were generally positive with GDP growth, several confidence indices showing promise and prospects for increased employment.
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This is my view of what is happening in the technology space in the last month compared to the same month in previous years. I’ll be back in late April, until then … go fast and smile!


Accounting corporations offer professional accounting services and income taxes

Accounting firms help the company to update the current tax accounting services, together with groups and individuals. The organization, which started in 1978, updated one of the first-class companies with the award-winning certified public accountant “Ashok Parekh”. The corporation has about 2500-3000 to the closest between him and the team of skilled workers. At the service of the 3 workplaces located in Kalgoorlie, Mandurah and Bunbury with a Bunbury center providing mobile services in Karratha. business consulting services
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1. Ashok Parekh & Co with concepts of tax liability

Ashok Parekh & Co. so far is one of the main accounting firms with these proposals, which include the correct generation with all accounting principles and services that legally reduce their tax taxes, current tax returns with the era that draws in the desire of their business. The services of the accounting firm are based mainly on the principles relevant to the importance of tax returns and compliance work.
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under this accounting service, the employer submitted its current recognition to the Australian Tax Law Council, as most of the work is done through the Australian Teripur to date. The organization, whether it deals with current accounting or economic accounting with maximizing the return of current medicines and for the reason that the company enjoys accountants, does not create difficulties in updating the Australian tax picture in the workplace with updated higher aspects of the commercial enterprise because Australian tax regulation and Australian tax law with better informed selections that update taxes in the future.
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2. Accounting software program with payroll tax

The accounting firm with current businesses, along with corporations in terms of agencies, trusts and various different partnerships, current sole to date, is now not the best that the accounting firm has provided a variety of facilities to date. the departing employees who come to the temporary foundation updated the country and registered the tax returns accordingly.
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in this way you could be overwhelmed by the substantial cooperation with the tax company “Ernest and younger”, our organization updated both of such a well-known corporation. GST compliance is one of the most up-to-date in the world, and India is bringing GST into an up-to-date accounting software program to make smooth accounting and help with a cloud-based software program. thus in updated nearby online and with tax preparations with nearby websites and off-site accounting solutions. Modern accounting ideas with small businesses, up to date with an existing payroll tax that is close to on-site and on-site booking solutions, as well as proposals for coordination with financial institutions, making it easily accessible for tax minimization updates with business systems.
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3. Cash drift and budgeting are basic accounting

In addition, the same cash flow and budgeting of cash needs topical current needs, topical, identifying the fate of the ability and at the same time with projected due to cash needs with profitability thinking. If a company talks about the various aspects updated in accounting, then the individual complex investments in residential buildings, as well as stupid current foreign money, current as “Bitcoin”, along with updated trading and investing smoothly in the direction of the current. general tax aid is provided inside the complex, with the updated 50% of Australians using tax plans with “Ashok Parekh & Co.” as most with tips as a complex area with changes in current selections and requires one of the higher solutions and wealth formation. The agency, which is called the placement of primary accounting work for different companies and therefore facilitates a more modern understanding of the commercial enterprise, is a very modern technique of professional updating of accountants with similar knowledge of accounting ideas in different international locations.
The company has a very deep penetration into modern accounting and with all accounting professionals has helped the company grow with simple principles and with the growing business accounting proposals are pleasant, qualified and up-to-date informed and focused on appropriate business services and additionally with individuals.
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The updated clients are in updated proactive debts and with the legal tax reductions due and therefore protect the property by the organizations. The company with its long forays into modern accounting with corporations, as well as with proactive accountants, who are one of the award-winning companies, has become one of the groups with a company profile. thus possibly say that if there is any requirement to mention business ideas, they can get the most out of us.
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Top 5 Ways The Forex Industry Has Gained A Bad Reputation

Yes, we will really try to start this conversation. No, this is not the reason to avoid Forex or consider fraud as a possible client. These are very real dilemmas that tarnish the image of the industry and reduce the activities that take place. The marginalization of Forex is a problem for brokers trying to promote their services, and the stigma is applied to traders. Who bears the burden of responsibility for the downward spiral of the industry? Hint, hint: These are all involved.

5. Brokers who insist on deposits in any way

Yes, the economy is in bad shape and businesses will do everything possible to make sure the money is in their coffers. Does he apologize for the absurdly low minimum deposits? Does he apologize for sales calls after a few days of using a demo? Does he apologize for the careless return of money and leverage offers?

If it seems that the Forex industry has taken some advice from the casino gaming industry, you are probably more observant. Casinos and poker sites use rakeback, comp and VIP bonuses to generate loyalty and use deposit bonuses to take you away. Forex companies, acting as casinos, tarnish the reputation of the industry and the transactions that take place. The bad actions of brokers make the action that takes place in the most liquid and active market in the world seem insignificant and stupid.

Ridiculously low deposits are also a problem, $ 1 deposits are stupid. Then again, any broker who takes deposits under $ 250 should really let you scratch your head. Forex is not a trip to a horse track, a racino, slot machines, nor is it a lottery! People need to trade an amount that is convenient for them to trade, but they would take trading seriously.

By acting as casinos, brokers reduce confidence in the foreign exchange market.

4. Signal boosters that swirl

Snake oil traders in the Forex industry are ready to serve you their sacred grail, developed by “brilliant” minds who have tested trends over the past 15 years that will guarantee you a% profit or a profit percentage above a certain point. This is just stupid, there are no guarantees on the market. Even fixed income securities need to be valued to ensure that they will be repaid on corporate / government / municipal debt.

Websites for most of the whistleblowers are deceptive and they are unwanted by forums and Twitter. They plunder those who lose money so that they can buy their services. If their signals were so good, they wouldn’t have to spread them to the public so that everyone could use them at a price.

If someone had signaling software that worked 80% of the time and locked in 20% of the profits, would they really make the effort to distribute it at a price? No, the user will trade based on this information and will do so at leverage levels that he feels comfortable with, and will not share this valuable information. They will become rich in a short period of time and the world will not know about signaling software. Is signal software as good as algorithmic trading software developed for banks and quantum hedge funds? Probably far from it. Yes, banks lose money from transactions even in high-frequency trading.

There is no magic elixir, sorry.

3. The current form of demo trading

Do you have $ 100,000 to throw at Forex trading? Okay, do you have $ 50,000? Okay, how about $ 25,000? Well, Forex brokerage firms – believe me you do! Or so it seems … Is it possible for these ridiculous demo amounts to be introduced to create unrealistic expectations in the minds of traders, to make them trade in a real environment, thinking that they can reach such high levels on their own?

Or … Maybe brokers think that offering something that is so unrealistic that their demonstration is just for those who are just interested in training and experience in trading software? Perhaps the only realistic brokerage experience they can provide is worth it and it is designed that way.

The other explanation is maybe they don’t have very good ideas to come in and keep the clientele.

2. Forex scams

The unfortunate thing about Forex is that bucket shops, scammers, boiler houses and brokers who trade against their clients are much more common than you think. These companies and the individuals who run these companies are pushing the industry out. Regulations are increasing and start-ups with alternative visions have to raise huge amounts of capital just to compete in certain markets where customer driving itself is not safe.

Forex scams make the industry look shady and obscene, when in fact it is an alternative trading market for those who do not want to track 5,000 different companies. It is very similar to Las Vegas in the 50s of the last century and stains all participants. It hurts to outreach a new clientele because they’ve probably heard a horror story about how someone lost a lot of money or their identity from a Forex scammer.

Those who perform these schematic operations who want to snatch or injure their customers must shut down and return their money to customers.

1. The merchants themselves

From dreams of a pie in the sky to get rich quick due to excessive leverage to not taking the time to choose the right brokers to lack of preparation for live trading. Traders themselves give the industry a bad name because they fail with an outstanding 65.01% video (2nd quarter of 2013 in the US).

The intimidation tactic used by many is that 95% of traders lose their money, but the facts do not actually support this. The so-called intelligent merchants continue to parrot this nonsense as if it were gospel truth, but the reality is that it is a lie. More traders are succeeding than what is being said on bulletin boards, forums and seminars. The failure rate is 65%, you will see that the failure rate varies from 54% to 78% depending on the broker. Not so shockingly, brokers who attract consumers with ridiculously low deposits have higher levels of unprofitability.

The problem is that most traders are completely uninformed and when they communicate with each other and future traders, they give bad information. This is detrimental to the industry.

Continuing to perpetuate the problems plaguing the industry will eventually put an end to retail currency trading in much of the world, and that would be unfortunate.

4 Keys to Unlocking Your Income Thinking – Are You Looking for Financial Freedom?

How much is enough? Why do we always have to think about our money or income in terms of what is enough to lead a good life? Nature is abundant and there is more than enough for everyone to enjoy. When you look at a fruit tree, it is full of fruit – not just “enough” to feed you and your family or friends. If we are part of nature, why do we constantly think of earning “enough” to feel comfortable and not think of abundance?

Let’s THINK BIG today and see if we can break our limiting beliefs about money and income and unlock our high-income / high-success thinking.

There are 4 keys to changing your way of earning or money:

Key 1: Cut out the need for working hours for dollars

Many start-ups either leave their jobs to start a business or start an additional business to earn more income. They do this, thinking that their new start-up will offer them more freedom, only to find that they are still working hard and calculating money in hours in dollars.

On the other hand, people in the workplace feel dissatisfied because their growing incomes over time are simply not enough for the life they want to lead. Their hard work over time does not give them the return they need to retire and live on their savings. The stress and pressure of working or keeping a job only contributes to this feeling of inadequacy.

How to break the working cycle for dollars and create a profit that allows you to live the way you want?

The answer to this is in understanding the concept of being a “lifestyle entrepreneur”. A lifestyle entrepreneur creates a business that revolves around the lifestyle he wants to live. They make money through a strong understanding and implementation of passive income strategies.

The question you need to ask at this point is:

“What kind of lifestyle do I want to live? Does my current career (or business) give me the tools and come back to live that way? If not, what can I change?”

Write the answers in your diary if you can. You may be pleasantly surprised by the answers you give yourself.

Key 2: Stop being and feel underestimated – Assess your true potential

If you are a business owner, a freelancer, a self-employed person or just someone who is making the transition from working to being your own boss, you know as well as I do, success requires hard work. However, hard work without clarity will not get you anywhere. Without a clear direction for your life and business, clear income goals and a clear idea of ​​how you can get there, your hard work will not pay off.

Why do most people not have this clarity? Clarity requires 3 things:

1. Understanding your goal – What do you want to contribute to this world?

2. Understand your value – What unique skills do you have that would help you make an impact in this world?

3. Understanding your potential – What unique ability do you have to realize it and how?

Let me give you an example. My goal in my business is to help create successful entrepreneurial leaders who create great impact in their communities. My unique skill lies in communication, creating seminars and online marketing. I use this to communicate and deliver our content to our customers, creating my weekly Inbox magazine and my online training programs. My potential to connect with peers and mentors gave me the opportunity and the idea to create a platform where I could invite our fellow coaches, experts and successful entrepreneurs to collaborate with our work and help our clients. This is our HOW. This way you can create clarity in your business. When you do, it gives incredible focus and energy to your growth.

You deserve the income you want to create. It all starts with an assessment of your true value and potential – if your current job or business is not using the best to create your best life, you need to take a step back and look in the right direction.

Key 3: Focus on exponential growth

Many people focus on linear growth – a slow, gradual increase in what they gain throughout their lives. Successful people, on the other hand, practice exponential growth – they create multiple revenue streams that allow them to grow by leaps and bounds. Exponential growth gives you financial freedom. This is what creates true abundance.

How do you create exponential growth? This leads to key 4, which is a continuation of this key to success.

Key 4: Find a leverage system that gives you passive income through multiple channels

Success is never accidental. It is a constant process of innovation and growth. You need to find the right system to turn to to provide you with the tools and foundations to create the exponential growth you are looking for. So, the most important plan we can give you today is this:

1. Bank a leverage system that can provide you with exponential growth – Find online marketing and an online business platform that will automate your business.

2. Learn to create multiple revenue streams through this system, making full use of your unique skills and full potential – once you know and see success in your system with a single product or service, you can recreate the system for multiple products and services ( therefore create multiple income streams).

Important note: Although I say create multiple revenue streams, please note that you must first succeed in a project, product, or service before you can diversify. Don’t get distracted by too many projects when you start.

3. Create passive income strategies and move away from working hours. If you want to consult, or take a one-on-one session, or work on a manual project, be sure to do so. But don’t forget to create additional automated channels which also give you a passive income. Passive income strategies will help your business continue to make money, even without you being physically there. Some examples would be automated online programs for your business or books and PDFs downloading using affiliate marketing (reselling programs created by other people), or simply getting affiliates to sell your program around the world.

A change in your MINIDET FOR INCOME and your INCOME STRATEGIES will help you increase your income capacity without any problems if you decide to do so. The choice to do smart business and financial growth is always up to you.

Кратко ръководство за краудфъндинг за нормални хора

Краудфандингът е най-модният, като все по-често се появяват нови платформи. Мнозина смятат, че това е бъдещето на инвестирането, други предупреждават, че рисковете от него често се подценяват. И тогава съществуват различните видове краудфъндинг: базирани на възнаграждения, капиталови, дългови, гъвкави, фиксирани и т.н. Всичко може да изглежда объркващо, но както повечето неща, основната логика е проста.

Най-важната полза от краудфандинга е, че прави инвестициите в малки компании и стартъпи достъпни за всички. Поради тази причина е по-важно от всякога хората да разберат напълно този нов свят, тъй като по-голямата част от негативната публичност около краудфандинга до голяма степен е фокусирана върху злоупотреба и неразбиране на платформите. В тази статия ще разгледам различните видове платформа за краудфандинг, заедно с основните действащи лица във всяка категория, и ще обясня някои от основните клопки, които поставят в плен много новодошли.

Но първо, определение.

Каква е тълпата?

Обикновени, ежедневни хора. И за това се отнася „тълпата“ в краудфандинга. Виждате ли, набирането на пари всъщност не е свързано с бизнес планове или сцепление на пазара или финансови прогнози: в крайна сметка става въпрос за доверие. И в живота, колкото по-голям е рискът от нараняване, толкова по-важно става доверието. Поради тази причина повечето хора нямат нищо против да вложат няколко лири за спонсориране на благотворителна акция или да заемат на приятел няколко лири; общоприето е, че не бива да очаквате да видите тези пари отново и като такова нивото на доверие в човека, на когото давате парите, не трябва да бъде особено високо. Но ако някой ви помоли да инвестирате няколко хиляди лири, ситуацията е коренно различна. За повечето хора това не е сума пари, която те могат да си позволят да загубят. Поради това повечето хора са блокирани от инвестиционния свят, където малките предприятия се нуждаят от хиляди лири, за да бъдат инвестирани.

Следователно е логично, че традиционните маршрути за основателите, финансиращи бизнес, са канали като заеми от банки, хора с нетна стойност и приятели и семейство. Способността на основателя да събира пари зависи до голяма степен от обезпечението му в случай на банков заем или от личната им мрежа в случай на инвестиции от физически лица и се състои от големи парчета пари от малка шепа хора, които им се доверяват и / или са ги проверили изцяло. Алтернативата – събирането на малки парчета пари от голям брой хора – е била до голяма степен невъзможна, освен ако основателят случайно не познава стотици хора и е едновременно готов и способен да се справи с огромните административни разходи, свързани с толкова много хора.

Влезте в интернет с неговата добре установена история както за премахване на административното главоболие, така и за свързване на големи групи хора заедно. Краудфъндингът по същество улеснява съвпадението между обикновени хора, които се интересуват от инвестиции в неща, и обикновени основатели, които случайно нямат достъп до обезпечения или големи мрежи от богати хора. Софтуерът, управляващ платформата за краудфандинг, се справя с цялата администрация, докато самият интернет предоставя огромен потенциален пул от хора, които основателят да предлага на пазара, мащабно.

Накратко, краудфандингът дава възможност да се съберат малки суми пари от голямо количество напълно непознати. Поради тази причина е страхотно.

Основните видове платформа за краудфандинг

Има четири основни типа платформа за краудфандинг, всички с различни предимства и рискове. По-долу са основните, с връзки към най-големите или най-добре познатите оператори.

Групово финансиране въз основа на награди

Основни играчи: Kickstarter, Indiegogo

Най-близките братя и сестри до традиционното благотворително набиране на средства, платформите, базирани на възнаграждения, вземат пари под формата на обещания или дарения, а в замяна получавате някакъв ритник или привилегия от бизнеса. Например може да получите единица с отстъпка от продукта, който се финансира, след като бъде произведен, или за по-висока сума за дарение можете да получите персонализирана версия на същия продукт като благодарност за подкрепата му. Това е въпросната „награда“ и обикновено колкото по-висока е сумата на залога, толкова по-добра е наградата.

По очевидни причини сте склонни да намирате предимно физически продукти на сайтове, базирани на възнаграждения, където парите се използват, за да се вземе идеен прототип за първо производство. Те също са склонни да бъдат популярни сред творчески проекти като филми, игри или музикални албуми, където феновете могат да подкрепят любимите си изпълнители и да получат привилегии като кредит в края на филма в замяна.

Недостатъкът на сайтовете, базирани на възнаграждения, е, че те са уязвими към измами и измами. Обикновено има много малко или никакво надлежна проверка на компаниите или физическите лица, които набират пари, а с минималната сума на залога, започваща от едва £ 1, бариерата за влизане от страна на инвеститора също е минимална. Измамниците често представят фалшиви продуктови прототипи във видеоклип с концептуално изкуство и рендери, за да изчезнат с парите, след като кампанията приключи. В този случай инвеститорите имат малко право да се оплачат, освен да се оплачат от самата платформа за краудфандинг, за да получат възстановяване, но линиите на отговорност около риска са малко неясни.

Има фантастични възможности да подкрепите вълнуващи проекти на платформи, базирани на възнаграждения, но рискът е най-голям и възвръщаемостта като цяло не е осезаема. Инвестирането в платформа, базирана на възнаграждения, трябва да става от страст към продукта, в който инвестирате, а не с очакване на финансова възвръщаемост.

Капиталово финансиране, основано на акции

Основни играчи: Seedrs, Crowdcube

Много по-близо до традиционното схващане за инвестиране, платформите, базирани на акции, улесняват инвестициите в бизнеса в замяна на собствения капитал в тези бизнеси. Капиталовите платформи се регулират от Органа за финансово поведение във Великобритания и инвеститорите трябва да отговарят на определени законови изисквания. Те обаче не са особено строги и обикновено включват проста проверка на кредита и попълване на онлайн въпросник. Минималните суми за инвестиции все още са много достъпни на около £ 10, обикновено, въпреки че някои акционерни платформи имат по-висок минимален дял.

За бизнеса, който иска да повиши обаче, процесът на влизане е много по-труден. Правилната правна проверка се извършва на всяка компания и процесът на подаване обикновено се състои от няколко кръга на итерация и одобрение, преди кампанията да може да стартира. Очевидната полза за инвеститорите е допълнителният слой на защита за тяхната инвестиция. Много по-рядко измамниците или измамниците стартират на акционерни платформи, а регламентите на FCA изискват исковете от бизнеса да бъдат подкрепени с доказателства, които платформата ще провери сама, преди да позволи стартирането на кампанията. Поради тази причина до 90% от всички приложения за платформи, базирани на акции, не успяват да преминат през старта на кампанията.

Предимствата за бизнеса, който набира пари, са достъп до по-усъвършенствана група инвеститори извън собствените им мрежи (традиционните инвеститори все повече се стичат към такива платформи), както и рационализиран процес за работа с – обикновено много по-малка от другите платформи за краудфандинг – група на инвеститорите. Нараства и тенденцията за акционерни платформи, действащи като номинирани акционери от името на инвеститорите, което означава, че бизнесът поема един нов акционер вместо няколкостотин, което прави администрацията много по-лесна, както и прави бъдещите инвестиции далеч по-лесни. Този конкретен момент често се пренебрегва от бизнеса, който иска да повиши, но това е основната причина да изберем Seedrs за нашата собствена кампания за набиране на средства.

Акционерните платформи обикновено държат средствата в ескроу, докато кампанията приключи, добавяйки още един слой защита за инвеститорите. Разбира се, нормалните рискове се прилагат по отношение на очакваната възвръщаемост: повечето инвестиции няма да върнат много, ако не, но тези, които обещават огромни финансови печалби в сравнение с други инвестиционни опции. Най-общо казано, този тип краудфандинг е това, което се споменава в спекулациите за въздействието на формата върху бъдещето на инвестирането като цяло.

Краудфандинг въз основа на дългове

Основни играчи: Финансиращ кръг, Zopa

Иначе известен като равнопоставено кредитиране, базираното на дългове краудфандинг използва основните предимства на краудфандинга – административните предимства и достъпа до големи групи хора – и го прилага към бизнес кредитирането. С прости думи, инвеститорите влагат парите си във фонд, управляван от платформата, а платформата отпуска парите на фирми, търсещи капитал. Инвеститорите могат или да изберат в кой бизнес искат да инвестират, или да оставят платформата да избира автоматично от тяхно име.

Основната разлика е, очевидно, че инвеститорът трябва да очаква да получи парите обратно с лихва. Привлекателността на поставянето на парите в платформа за отпускане на заеми, вместо в основата на собствения капитал, се свежда до намаления рисков фактор, гарантиран от факта, че предприятията са подложени на същите строги процедури за проверка, каквито биха направили при вземане на заеми от банки, и възвръщаемостта често са много по-високи от обикновените ISA или пенсии. За бизнес, който отговаря на критериите за кредитиране, предимствата са по-добри лихви от банка с по-голяма прозрачност.

Въпреки че обикновено не е идеален за стартиращи компании в ранен етап без обезпечение, за по-утвърдени, които искат да се развиват, той предлага достъп до пари, без да се налага да се отказва от собствения капитал или да поема стотици инвеститори. За инвеститорите, които са по-склонни да рискуват, това е по-безопасна алтернатива на капиталовото краудфандинг, с цената на пропускане на потенциално голяма възвръщаемост, която успешните стартиращи компании понякога могат да дадат.

Блокчейн краудфандинг

Основни играчи: Smith + Crown, Waves

Най-новият и най-малко известен тип краудфандинг, блокчейн краудфандингът използва силата на криптовалути като Биткойн, за да генерира пари в брой от създаването на нови токени в процес, наречен Първоначални предложения за монети (ICO), кимване към по-традиционното първоначално публично предлагане IPO) процес, който сме свикнали с фондовите пазари.

Начинът, по който работи, е доста сложен за обяснение тук и разбирането за това как работят блокчейн и криптовалутите е от съществено значение, дори преди да се обмисли този маршрут (можете да прочетете статията ми „Кратко ръководство за блокчейн … за нормални хора“ тук, ако се интересувате) . Като такива, бизнесите, които събират пари по този маршрут, са свързани най-вече с блокчейн, а инвеститорите, които се трупат в ICO, имат склонност към много висок риск.

Апелацията е в потенциалната възвращаемост за инвеститорите от самите криптовалути. Като пример, криптовалутата Ether се е удвоила само за три дни през март 2017 г., докато валутата Monero е увеличила стойността си с 2000% само през миналата година. Разбира се, това ниво на нестабилност може да върви и по друг начин, както всеки, който е инвестирал в биткойн наскоро, ще потвърди.

Децентрализираната архитектура на Blockchain и ненадеждният, краудсорсиран подход го правят очевиден кандидат за предпочитан подход за краудфандинг в бъдеще, но технологията като цяло все още е в зародиш и като такава е склонна към измамници и измами, както и огромна волатилност в самите валути . Не за хора със слаби сърца.

Коя да изберете?

Като инвеститор, решението в коя платформа за краудфандинг да инвестирате зависи до голяма степен от вашия апетит за риск. Ако целта ви е да получите каквато и да е възвръщаемост, платформите, базирани на награди, трябва да бъдат напълно изключени. Освен това, ако просто търсите по-добър лихвен процент, отколкото може да предложи ISA, платформите, базирани на дългове, може да са добър вариант, в противен случай изберете опцията за капиталово финансиране, ако искате да бъдете „истински“ инвеститор. Blockchain е за комарджиите.

Като бизнес се придържайте към платформите, базирани на награди, за потребителски продукти, които са на етап концепция или прототип, може би се придвижвате по платформите за дялово участие, след като продуктът Ви стартира и работи. Базираните на дългове платформи са по-добър избор за мостово финансиране, ако сте по-утвърдени, а блокчейнът е очевидната опция, ако сте стартиращ блокчейн.

На който и етап да сте, не забравяйте да пазарувате и да правите проучвания, преди да се потопите, и докато поддържате разумна глава, има налични вълнуващи възможности, които вероятно никога не биха съществували преди. Само поради тази причина краудфандингът е прекрасно нововъведение.

Is Blockchain the latest technology revolution?

The blockchain is more like a digital book for storing financial transactions, just like a book that contains what goes in and what comes out. Unlike the traditional book, the digital one is much more extensive and secure without intermediaries.

In Blockchain, each block contains, but is not limited to, the cryptographic hash of the previous block along with the transaction data. It can be used by two parties to record transactions in a secure and permanent way. It is managed by an equal network and allows safe transit of digital information.

Why is Blockchain the latest revolution in technology?

Blockchain technology was originally designed to deal with bitcoins, but now it has become a fairy tale of the city, a revolution. During its earlier stages, the technology faced severe criticism and rejection, but after careful review, it proved to be more productive, more useful and more secure. Now this has become a practical way to store data in digital form, which is consistent from time to time.

Let’s look at some of the benefits:

Authenticity – The information is stored in blocks, which are additionally stored in Blockchain, which cannot be controlled by one person or identity. This simply means that there is no or much less chance of failure and the technology can serve as a reliable space for a business transaction.

Transparency – Tech people claim that Blockchain technology is completely transparent. Because the blocks are recorded and added to it in chronological order, participants can track transactions very easily and without keeping records.

Quality – In the event of any irregularity, the Blockchain system makes it easier for stakeholders to investigate any problem, as the system can take them to their point of origin. Quality assurance makes it an ideal technology for sectors where traceability and other important details are needed.

No interference – Because transactions and records are checked each time they are passed from one block to the next, there is less or no chance of error. The accuracy of the process protects the data from falsification, which makes the technology easier to use and effective.

Agile – In an era when time is money, Blockchain can play an imperative role by allowing faster trades. Because the system does not require a lengthy verification and authorization process, it can be used by various industries to quickly close trades.

Cost savings – Last but not least, of course, Blockchain is a cost-effective technology as it does not involve third parties. This makes the system ideal for both start-ups and established organizations.

Good! The time has come to understand the technology and its advantages before applying it to any business …

Do you want to make money trading Forex? Look for Price Action

To be really honest, making pips in forex is subjective only on one indicator; Price action. I really don’t see the need to group rankings with so many indicators that we don’t really follow, probably as a result of price actions at the time. Remember, we are emotion traders, right?

Making money from the foreign exchange market is probably less feasible if we do not use a tool to understand the signals that price actions tell us.

Now, let the site be an example.

When trading GBP / USD, let’s assume that the pair starts to merge with the GBP that wins and you are probably a long pair. You get excited, you win, and suddenly, if you look good enough, you notice the strength of the GBP lag, but your indicators still confirm the trend, so instead of taking your profits at that time, you probably leave the trade open and suddenly before your eyes and even before being able to say “Jack” the tide changes as you lick your burned finger, while obedient indicators simply follow the suite in this last minute change. Poor you..

Now, could you tell me what he means by that? Following our indicators are probably the best options, but it is safer to consider the current price action in relation to these indicators.

In my chart I have SMA100, I tested and saw that when prices break through it (up or down) there is always a rally, but after looking carefully at the price action, I came to the conclusion that this is not always the case. So many times prices have broken, just to the contrary.

Do you want to make money trading forex? Be careful with pricing actions! I can’t help but say this over and over. I have also said this several times, and in order to be in the right trend and early enough, say 70% of the time, learn to consult with longer time frames. You earn more. Good luck to you there.

Do you want to trade profitably on the foreign exchange market? Get more glasses and enjoy your vacation? Then always watch the pricing actions.

5 ways in which the blockchain will transform the life of the average person

With all the media burning with news about the prices of cryptocurrencies, you may be wondering how this affects the average person. Blockchain technology is at the heart of cryptocurrency and other digital currencies.

There are various industrial and administrative problems that technology can solve for the average person. Do you own a small business, but often feel that there is a lack of transparency due to traditional methods of communication? Have you ever had higher than usual medical bills? As a business owner, is it trouble for you to find legitimate candidates? These issues affect entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, individuals and technology. Blockchain seeks to provide solutions that simplify the lives of ordinary people through simple solutions.


Banking in almost all countries is still strongly focused on intensive paper transactions for any money transfers, record keeping or other back-end functions. Blockchain technology can reproduce this in digital format and create a decentralized book that allows not only bankers but also customers to access a single source of information. This system allows banks to eliminate the chances of fraud, as documentation and proof of asset ownership can be checked digitally by bankers in the Blockchain book, which can be accessed at any time in an unchanged format.

Identity theft is also a major problem in the banking sector, with citizens’ information being stolen and used to open fraudulent accounts for illegal activities. According to the online database of complaints of the Federal Trade Commission, more than 13 million complaints have been filed for card fraud and identity theft, and in 2016 alone, 3 million of them were filed. Through a blockchain system, customers can directly view all accounts held under their name and immediately notify their respective banks in case they notice any suspicious activity in their bank details. Some well-known examples include the IBM-supported Hyperledger Fabric project and UBS’s Utility Settlement Coin.


Blockchain technology can simplify healthcare in amazing ways and make medical data management much simpler. Providing widely available patient records can allow for much more convenient drug development research and also reduce the effects of counterfeit drugs. Clinical trials and their results can be provided in a decentralized network, allowing health professionals and researchers to conduct research and find solutions for better healthcare. Accenture is one of the largest companies that has begun to offer innovative healthcare solutions for the medical sector for secure and fraud-free transactions.

Fraud with Medicare can also be reduced by blockchain billing management, as the billing system can be fully automated without the reach of fraudulent intermediaries. With more than 56 million people under Medicare by 2017, more than $ 1.3 billion was snatched from the government through fraudulent activities from rehabilitation facilities and home health services. Blockchain systems can effectively protect citizens seeking medical help from healthcare providers who overestimate services offered through fraudulent billing practices. Centralized data not only helps healthcare professionals offer treatment based on the patient’s history and his / her family, but also eliminates the chance of the patient remembering incorrectly past symptoms or disorders.

Public records

One of the most important functions of the government’s civilian government is to record all information about its citizens. This includes information about individuals and companies regarding their assets and activities. Most of the recorded information is stored in paper databases, which makes data management extremely difficult even in developed countries.

Blockchain-based systems, such as Ubitiquity, can encode all public records in a digital book to keep citizen data from being tampered with. Identity theft is a problem that the administration can find very difficult to deal with, and digitizing all public information to protect it from falsification can help prevent such cases of criminal activity.


One of the biggest limitations of the voting system in almost every country is that even today, voters must be physically present at polling stations to cast their ballots and make things difficult for people who have to travel on election day. More importantly, there are no means to verify the results of surveys for the average citizen.

Blockchain development companies like Followmyvote offer solutions that seek to make online voting a reality. It will allow citizens to see publicly accurate information about the ranking and results of surveys and various other statistics. This also leads to safer voting for citizens of countries in internal or external conflicts, and criminal activities to force citizens to vote for specific candidates can be completely avoided.

Hiring a business

Businesses of all sizes find it difficult to find the right staff. Using blockchain technology, it is possible for companies to verify the identification data of all applicants through a digital database. Blockchain technology can be applied to create a decentralized database of professionals with proven qualifications in a secure book that companies can turn to to hire candidates. Learning Machine is a New York-based company that seeks to address this problem, which focuses on recording verifiable information for workers.

Tax or employment fraud accounted for 34% of all identity thefts by 2016, and the blockchain system makes the hiring process for any business much more secure, as a company will only have access to valid applicants, reducing the risk from hiring fraudulent employees. It also helps applicants by speeding up the hiring process and helping them to find a job for which they are eligible and to have a smooth application process.

The use of blockchain technology helps both people and businesses, and also protects personal information while making important data publicly visible. While the blockchain has the best application in cryptocurrency, its use can be extended to other sectors to provide meaningful solutions to citizens around the world.

4 treasures of sewage, robbing you blindly every month

The first and biggest “leak of wealth” is taxes.

Our tax system is designed to penalize hourly and paid workers, while rewarding entrepreneurs and business owners. Wage workers pay taxes based on their gross profit, while business owners pay taxes based on what they net. To that end, most people think that Fortune 500 companies are attracted to little boys. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a big business to get big tax benefits. Even start-ups receive huge tax breaks. So instead of complaining, you may need to run a business from your kitchen table.

To qualify for tax relief in this business, the IRS says you must intend to make a profit. When this standard is met, you automatically qualify for dozens of tax breaks that you do not receive as an individual. Most losses and start-up costs can be written off against other income from your work (restrictions apply, so get a good business CPA to work with you). Realize that no one else (not even your CPA or taxpayer) cares how much you pay in taxes, so it’s your job to understand how the system works and how to use it effectively.

Loss of chance for complex growth

Another set of huge wealth outflows are the market losses of investment capital that you control. When a stock or piece of real estate drops significantly, it can take years for you to return to a steady level. And, of course, there is no guarantee that it will return during your investment life. The less capital you invest, the less you can take advantage of the power of blending growth.

If the money supply curve is broken by market losses or premature withdrawals, this has a huge effect on your final wealth fund. For example, if you were offered a job that lasted only 36 days and you had two options in the pay plan, which would you choose? (A) At the end of each day, you may be paid $ 5,000 per day, for a total of $ 180,000. (2) Your second option is to be paid one cent starting on the first day, but your pay will double each day – will be multiplied by 100 percent – and will be payable at the end of these 36 days.

If you jump to $ 180,000, you miss the power of real money mixing. If your colleague, who does the same job, chooses a penny, he would not be a millionaire. In 36 days … he would be a dirty rich multimillionaire with a last check of $ 343,597,384. Obviously, your investment will not undergo such rapid (or constant) growth of the compound, but do the math – the strength of the composition curve is strong over time – if you do not break it with large losses (which are not always control) or withdrawals (which you can ).

Money lost in fees and interest for banks and financial companies

The next huge wealth drain we face is interest and fees paid to banks or financial companies. Borrowing money has been around for thousands of years, and every business model that has lasted that long is a winner – for business. But when you’re on the loan side of a deal, it’s an outflow of wealth, especially if most of your borrowed money is spent on depreciating assets.

Now people will tell you that if you can take money cheaply and invest it in something that has a higher return than the interest rate you pay, then use the lever correctly. This may be true, but those trying to make such a move should be aware of the warnings. Try this simple exercise: Collect all the money you’ve paid in your life with monthly payments. Then compare that amount with the amount you saved for retirement and see which is higher. (If you wish, we’d love to hear about your results in the comments section below.) Then think about how to be a lender, not a borrower.

Depreciation of vehicles and other large assets

Another huge loss of wealth comes from the depreciation of cars, boats, equipment, appliances and most other large assets that we buy. Most people will lose more money on cars in their lifetime than they will ever save on retirement, let alone all the other depreciating assets they will buy. But there is a way to make money from these items.

Think of your financial life as a big pie. Don’t fall for the old magic trick and focus only on what happens to one of your pie pieces (ie your investment gains or losses). Instead, pay attention to the whole pie and put an end to your huge sources of wealth.