Payment Structures To Expect When Looking To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

For those looking to make money using affiliate marketing, there is reason to be optimistic. It is an internet marketing area where entrepreneurs have thrived from many years and continue to thrive. But one area that confuses some is the payment structure used by the various programs.

As you start making money using affiliate marketing, you will notice that there are different ways to go about revenue. There are essentially three different ways you can make money from affiliate marketing: pay per lead, pay per sale and pay per click.

Pay per lead is a form of affiliate marketing structure that sends advertiser dollars to you affiliate. Through this method, the affiliate is paid to the advertisers based on specific targeted actions. It can be anywhere from getting people to sign up for newsletters or to getting people to try downloading software.

The next option to make money using affiliate marketing is to pay per sale. While this is pretty much the same as paying per lead, this method is more about closing the transaction With it, you can get based on a set percentage of each product you sell or at a fixed price though yet how much you sell.

The last way to make money with affiliate marketing is pay per click. This is very different from other methods due to the fact that advertisers pay publishers when their ad is clicked. It continues to be a very popular option with search engines. But this is an area that relies heavily on cost per click and what the search engine network operators set.

It doesn’t take long to realize that all affiliate programs have different, customary ways to pay affiliates. Just know that most companies will get you a specific commission for any products or services you sell.

There are some companies that offer up to 70 to 80% commission on all sales and others that offer a 15% minute. However, this does not mean that the obvious company to participate is the one offering the higher commission.

Here it becomes important that you look at the big picture to make a profit using affiliate marketing. If each company offers a different product for $ 10 but the company that pays 70% commission only generates enough traffic to generate 2 sales a week, you will only earn $ 14.

Now if the company offering 15% commission brings in waves of traffic that allow you to close 20 sales a week, you could be $ 30. Obviously you have to sell more to make up for the difference, but don’t always join the company with a higher commission rate because the product and service offered are equally important when it comes time to make money using affiliate marketing.

Add Credit Card Payment Method To Your E-Commerce Website

Do you have any plans to start an online shop?

In fact, selling products on the internet has many advantages compared to the usual store set-up. First and foremost, an online shop reaches a wider range of customers from all over the world. As long as there is an internet connection, online shops are always available. Second, in stores and shops anchored on the global web, operating costs are less. Basically there are no electricity and water bills. In addition, there is no need to rent a store space or structure. All you need in an online shop is a web host, and you’re about to get started. Finally, online businesses can be accessed 24/7. There is no time to open and close. Everyone can access your products at any time of the day. In fact, online businesses have more advantages than usual.

As such, online shops or eCommerce sites are the most popular sites today. Setting up an eCommerce site is never difficult. Aside from the fact that there are many web hosts offering this type of hosting, most of these hosting plans take care of almost all the requirements and requirements of an eCommerce site. Many hosting companies offer eCommerce hosting very cheaply. In addition, they also provide all sorts of tools and services to help you get started. However, before getting excited, here are some of the things you need to know to set up an online shop.

Ability to accept payments. This should be the most important consideration of any eCommerce site. After all, your customers will need a way to get paid for the products they want to buy from your site. Therefore, it is very important to provide the most convenient payment method for your customers; otherwise it will never succeed. So, what types of payments will you offer on your site? There are many payment options you can choose from for your online shop including phone orders, checks, gift cards, PayPal, and credit cards. Among these options, the most popular is PayPal. In fact, accepting payments through PayPal is very easy and simple. Almost everyone knows about PayPal, so most people use this option to pay for their online transactions. Plus, it’s easy to integrate into any shopping site because most eCommerce software supports PayPal.

However, the credit card payment method should also be considered in the payment options. This includes those who do not use PayPal. On the other hand, credit card payments are a bit complicated because you need a merchant account and a payment fee. However, if you run an eCommerce site, you need to consider as many payment options as possible.

Shopping Cart Software. There are many different ways to set up and integrate a shopping cart into your website. Fortunately, some web hosts help create a shopping cart, and others even offer this feature in their eCommerce hosting plans. Shopping cart software basically allows customers to select the products they want into a virtual shopping cart and pay for it when they are done with their purchase.

First Time Buyers and Down Payment Assistance Programs

May 27, 2010 Down Payment Assistance Programs (DPA’s) for First Time Home Buyers By: Michael A. Foote, CMB

There is money available for first time buyers now. With a much needed addition to the funding products currently available, down payment assistance programs are also available. Down Payment Assistance Programs are usually a local, state or federal grant or bond program designed to help certain people with certain income levels in certain areas, with money available for down payment. and closing costs on multiple purchase loans.

These tax -free gifts or loans are usually forgivable if the buyer stays in the home for a set amount of time. And these dollars can be adjusted to change the amount of money needed for closing when it’s your first time buying a home. For example, an average FHA borrower may have more than 4-7% of the total sale price while a borrower with a WISH down payment assistance program may need to carry only 2- 3% total. That’s a huge amount of money in a hundred thousand dollar transaction. If you amortize that difference the savings are literally tens of thousands of dollars because most of the closing costs are funded by the new debt.

What does the “DPA” process look like compared to the traditional loan process. Frankly, it seems like little to the user if the lender often has to deal with additional rings during the process. For the borrower / buyer they may not know the difference. The only real difference is a potential for a slightly longer loan processing time. So is DPA a good idea? Well, recently it has been a challenge for Realtors to get clients who use FHA especially FHA WITH Down Payment Assistance to make an argument that using DPA in a Purchase Offer can be a causal factor on the part of the seller if they choose the offer. to open escrow with. The only remedy for this trap should be more product on the market for properties up to $ 400,000 covered because DPA is often unintentional and has no qualifications to borrow as the sale price rises and/or in areas with high per capita income. Undoubtedly, DPA has a place in the current financial scene and those in the industry are happy to have it, it is yet another tool to increase home ownership for low-income families. to the middle. And this product will help sell the predicted shadow inventory that is reportedly hiding around the corner.

Only time will tell whether that will be accomplished or not. These programs are not free from abuse, there have been scams related to the DPA in the past and officials, lenders, and large institutions have actually underestimated what the DPA allows. Also the economy has played into its existence from all times. There are a lot of DPA funds that have been completely depleted.

Free Survey Sites Paying Through PayPal

The Internet is full of survey opportunities and there are many free survey sites that pay through PayPal. Receiving money through PayPal is the best part of any survey opportunity, because PayPal is accepted in over 190 countries and in most countries people can withdraw their PayPal money to their local currencies.

Well, here are the top 4 free survey sites that pay through PayPal.

# 1. Head of Survey – If you are looking for a high paid survey site, then SurveyHead may be a good option for you. If you join SurveyHead, you will immediately receive a $ 5 sign up bonus. Another great point with SurveyHead is that you also earn money for completing your profile surveys. Typically, other survey panels do not pay for completing profile surveys, but SurveyHead does. The minimum amount to pay for it is only $ 25 and it allows PayPal as its payment method. You will also receive payments like gift certificate and VISA gift card.

# 2. Brand Institute – Actually, the Brand Institute is a good survey panel if your profession is related to the medical and drug industry. However, some people are allowed to take paid surveys on it, but they don’t have many survey opportunities there. Well, the good point is that it offers some high paid surveys for each member. The average Brand Institute survey pays between $ 10 and $ 30, and sometimes it also offers some high -paying surveys. The minimum payout threshold is only $ 25 and you can request your payment be sent via PayPal.

# 3 Planet Pulse – Planet Pulse works with hundreds of groups in the Asia and Middle East region. The average Planet Pulse survey is between $ 1 and $ 5. The Planet Pulse operates the point system; you get points every time you complete a survey. Well, its 100 points equals $ 1, and if you have 2500 Planet Pulse points, you can ask for your payment. Planet Pulse allows the PayPal payment method.

# 4. SpiderMetrix – SpiderMetrix is ​​an Australian based paid survey panel, but it is open to people around the world. In my experience, its surveys aren’t very long, and you can complete them in a matter of minutes. Plus, it has a great referral program. You can make even more money by referring your friends and other people to this site. The minimum amount to pay for it is quite high $ 50. And the only way to pay for it is PayPal.

These are the leading free survey sites that pay through PayPal, and they are also completely free sites to participate. But before joining any of these sites, you need to set up a separate email account especially for surveys. This will help you to receive and take online surveys. Well, by for the best free survey site waiting for you on the next page. You will be surprised to know that some people make more than $ 1000 per month on the best survey site.

Student Loan Payment Control

Student loan debt has become a kind of epidemic. These loans can be burdensome and ultimately depressing. Many young people in America are afraid to even pay off their student debts every month. It can be impossible to deal with because of the huge balance that doesn’t seem to go anywhere.

When you are young you will be influenced. Millennials today are no exception. Acquiring student loan debt is seen as a necessary burden essential to achieve their careers. Many find themselves working after college. However, according to about half of college graduates in 2014 work in jobs that don’t require a college degree.

To make matters worse student lenders start looking for their “clients” after graduation. If you are one of these clients you probably know by now that there is nothing in the world that is easier than debt. The chances that you will have the money to pay off your student loan soon are slim.

Before leaving high school these young, attractive people were convinced that a college education would lead to a guaranteed career. Turns out, it’s not that simple. The Washington Post reported in 2013, according to data from Jaison Abel and Richard Dietz of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, only 27% of college graduates had jobs related to their major. If it comes as a rude wake up to you I apologize. There is no easy way to get your dream job done and get rid of your student debt. However, it takes action, commitment and it is possible.

Student loans. If reading those two words upsets you don’t worry. Must. Paying off student loans may seem impossible but there are ways you can help yourself. The first thing you need to do is understand what type of loan you have. Some loans are eligible for specific benefits that can help your situation.

See National Student Loan Data System (NSLD). This website is home to the U.S. Department of Education database for student assistance. Only federal student loans are eligible for this assistance. In my experience I have talked to more individuals with federal loans than private ones.

The good idea for those who are unemployed or “between jobs” is to procrastinate or be patient. A delay or forbearance allows you to temporarily stop making your federal student loan payments or to temporarily reduce the amount you paid. This can be helpful if you are at risk of failing your debt. A default will occur if you fail to make your monthly payment over a long period of time. In case of a default, the lender takes legal action to recover their money.

If you qualify for the delay, the federal government may pay interest on your loans during the delay. The opposite for a patience. With a patience you can lower your bills or completely stop paying for up to 12 months.

These options will give you space to breathe and pursue the career you have studied for so long to achieve.

There are other options available to help reduce your monthly payment at a manageable level. There are income -based repayment plans for people who have a direct loan or a Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) loan. With an income-based repayment program your monthly payment can be reduced to 10% of your monthly income. In most cases the loan is forgiven after 25 years of these programs.

Depending on your situation, there may be a payment plan out there that best suits you. Go to the Federal Student Aid website and see their lists of payment plans.

Student loan consolidation is a practical option for people with more than one student loan. If your student loans have different interest rates and minimum monthly payments you should look into a Direct Consolidation Loan. Like traditional consolidation, a direct consolidation loan combines multiple federal student loans into one loan with a single fee and interest rate. These loans can extend the length of time you need to repay the loan, thus lowering your monthly payment. You can also get a fixed rate on your interest instead of dealing with variable rates.

Consolidation has its downsides. You may be more comfortable with the monthly payment but, eventually you will pay because of the interest rate. If your individual loan has benefits attached you will also lose.

Maybe you didn’t plan on dealing with student debt when you left high school. With most people it seems to hide them when leaving college. Regardless of the status of your student loan there are programs available to help you manage it. You deserve to focus on the future and work for your career goals instead of worrying about monthly payments.

Giunsa Pagpili ang usa ka Solusyon sa Pagbayad sa Online

Giunsa pagpili ang usa ka Solusyon sa Pagbayad sa Online ug ang among gipili

Ang tighatag sa pagbayad gipili base sa daghang lainlain nga pamatasan. Ang uban niini mao ang pagkaanaa sa serbisyo sa nasud diin ang imong bank account, mga gasto sa usa ka transaksyon, binulan nga bayronon, ang mga gasto sa paghiusa, ug kung kini nagsulbad sa mga isyu sa buhis sa pagpamaligya o nagtugot sa paghiusa sa uban pang mga ilado nga solusyon sa pagbayad. Daghan niini nga mga pangutana kinahanglan tubagon sa Imong kliyente. Ang Stripe ang among gusto nga kapilian tungod kay kini adunay maayo kaayo nga mga kapabilidad sa API. Kini nga artikulo mogamit sa Stripe ingon nga kapilian nga processor sa pagbayad.

Labing maayo nga mga Praktis alang sa mga tighatag sa pagbayad

Sulayi pag-usab kung wala molampos ang transaksyon

Mahimong mapakyas ang transaksyon dili lamang tungod sa teknikal nga mga hinungdan apan usahay dili igo nga pondo ang mahimong hinungdan. Kinahanglan nimong sulayan pag-usab ang pagproseso sa transaksyon tali sa usa ka oras hangtod pipila ka adlaw pagkahuman.

Hibal-i kung kanus-a ma-expire ang imong CC

Ang pipila sa mga detalye sa kard mo-expire o ang ilang datos dili na balido tungod sa lainlaing mga hinungdan. Kung wala kay balido nga data sa CC nga nag-charge ang kustomer dili mahimo. Ang dagkong mga laraw sa kard nagtanyag usa ka serbisyo nga gitugotan ka nga susihon kung adunay bisan unsang mga pag-update nga naghulat alang sa datos sa kostumer nga imong gitipigan. Ang pila sa mga solusyon sa pagbayad sa online mag-update pa gani sa impormasyon sa card para kanimo. Buhaton kini ni Stripe para sa kadaghanan sa MasterCard, Discover, ug Visa card. Dili lang CC.

Hinumdomi nga sa pipila ka bahin sa kalibutan ang mga tawo dili andam nga mobayad gamit ang ilang Credit Card

Ang labing kaayo nga pananglitan niini mao ang China kung ang Alipay ang panguna nga gigikanan sa pagbayad. Angay nga hinumdoman nga dili tanan nga mga kliyente nalipay sa paghatag sa ilang mga detalye sa kard mao nga ang paggamit sa usa ka ilado nga paagi sa pagbayad makatabang sa pagdugang sa rate sa pagkompleto sa mga potensyal nga transaksyon. Gisuportahan usab sa Stripe ang Alipay alang sa China ug alang sa Europe Giropay, iDEAL

Gusto namon nga adunay PayPal

Usahay gusto lang sa mga kliyente nga mogamit sa PayPal tungod kay pamilyar sila sa tatak. Ayaw paggahi – Ang Stripe makatabang aron mapadako ang imong kita. Ang Stripe ug Paypal mga direktang kakompetensya nga wala’y panagsama sa taliwala nila.

Labing maayo nga mga gawi samtang naggamit sa proseso sa pagbayad sa Stripe

Ang pagsunod sa PCI sa Stripe

Kadaghanan sa mga tiggamit nahimong PCI compliant pinaagi sa pagpuno sa Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) nga gihatag sa PCI Security Standards Council. Ang matang sa SAQ nagdepende kung giunsa nimo pagkolekta ang datos sa kard. Ang pinakasimple nga pamaagi sa pag-validate sa PCI mao ang SAQ A. Ang pinakapaspas nga paagi aron mahimong PCI compliant sa Stripe mao ang pagsiguro nga kuwalipikado ka para sa prefilled nga SEQ A. Kon mao, ang Stripe mopuno sa SEQ A alang kanimo ug himoon kini nga magamit nimo sa pag-download. sa mga setting sa pagsunod sa imong account pagkahuman sa unang 20 o labaw pa nga mga transaksyon. Ang paagi sa pagkab-ot niini mao ang mosunod:

– Gamita ang Embedded nga porma nga gitawag og Checkout, Stripe.js ug Elements (kini nagtanyag ug mas maayong layout customization unya Checkout). Mahimo nimong gamiton ang mga react-stripe-element nga naggamit sa Stripe.js API o Stripe mobile SDK nga mga librarya. Kung mogamit ka ug react-native gamita ang tipsi-stripe. Ang mga pagbugkos sa ipsi-stripe dili opisyal nga gisuportahan sa Stripe mao nga ang suporta dili opisyal nga isulti kanimo nga sila kwalipikado alang sa napuno nga pagsunod sa SEQ-A – apan nahimo nila.

– Kung nagagamit ka sa web serve ang imong mga panid sa pagbayad kinahanglang mogamit ug HTTPS.

Sa tanan nga mga kaso ang data luwas nga ipadala direkta sa Stripe nga wala kini moagi sa imong mga server. Kung gipili nimo ang pinakapaspas nga paagi dili na nimo kinahanglan buhaton pa. Ingon niini ka yano hangtod nga makaabot ka sa 6 milyon nga mga transaksyon matag tuig unya kinahanglan nimo nga pun-on ang usa ka Report on Compliance aron ma-validate ang imong pagsunod sa PCI matag tuig.

Pag-andam alang sa teknikal nga kapakyasan – Idempotency key

Kung nagagamit ka sa API sa pagkuha sa mga bayad kinahanglan ka mangandam alang sa usa ka teknikal nga kapakyasan tungod kay ang tanan nga mga network dili kasaligan. Kung mahitabo ang kapakyasan, dili kanunay posible nga mahibal-an kung ang usa ka bayad gihimo o wala. Sa kaso sa pagkapakyas sa network kinahanglan nimong sulayan pag-usab ang transaksyon. Ang yawe sa Idempotency usa ka mekanismo sa pagpugong batok sa pagpaningil sa usa ka kustomer kaduha. Kung sa usa ka hinungdan gisumite nimo ang pagbayad kaduha – nga mahimo’g mahitabo tungod sa pagsulay pag-usab sa mga operasyon pagkahuman sa usa ka kapakyasan. Sa Stripes node lib idugang ra nimo kini sa mga parameter nga kapilian samtang nag-charge. Ang matag Idempotency key mo-time out pagkahuman sa 24 ka oras busa pagkahuman niana nga oras kung mobayad ka gamit ang parehas nga Idempotency key imong bayran ang kliyente.

Ang mga singil sa Stripe sa sentimo dili dolyar

Ang mga solusyon sa pagbayad sa online sama sa bayad sa PayPal sa dolyar kaysa mga sentimo. Apan kana sa Stripes ang tanan nga mga singil gihimo sa labing gamay nga yunit sa salapi. Dili lang kini ang kaso bahin sa mga dolyar, gibuhat kini ni Stripes alang sa tanan nga mga salapi.


Naghatag ang Stripe og daghang numero sa kard aron masulayan nimo ang lainlaing mga senaryo sa frontend ug mga token aron direkta nimo nga masulayan ang imong backend. Pananglitan dili lang nimo masulayan ang Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club ug JCB Cards apan usab ang mga internasyonal nga kard ug 3D Secure Cards. Gihatagan ka usab sa Stripe og mga token aron masulayan nimo ang mga senaryo sa kapakyasan sama sa usa ka bayad nga gibalibaran, o usa ka bayad nga gibabagan tungod kay kini malimbungon, usa ka expired nga kard, o usa ka sayup sa pagproseso. Mao nga andam ka sa tanan nga mahitabo kung mag-live ka.

Ayaw ibutang ang JSON sa paghulagway – Paggamit metadata

Mahimong deskriptibo kutob sa imong mahimo. Ang metadata imong higala. Mahimo nimong pauswagon ang imong transaksyon sa Stripe gamit ang naandan nga datos aron matan-aw nimo kini sa dashboard. Pananglitan mahimo nimong idugang ang mga butang sama sa customer_id o ang shipping_id sa metadata aron wala’y hinungdan nga hugawan ang imong paghulagway sa transaksyon.

Kinahanglan ba akong mangolekta og dugang nga datos?

Ang labing gamay nga makolekta gikan sa usa ka CC mao ang numero niini, CVV ug petsa sa pag-expire apan makakolekta ka pa. Mahimo usab nimong kolektahon ang zip code / CC holder name / address para sa Address Verification System (AVS). Kung imong kolektahon kini makadugang sa seguridad sa pagbayad tungod kay ang mga algorithm sa paglikay sa pagpanglimbong adunay daghang datos ug makahimo sa pagtubag nga mas tukma. Bisan pa, gikan sa panan-aw sa tiggamit mas daghang datos ang i-type – nga dili kanunay maayo. Tawo lang ang mga kustomer ug usahay masayop sa pagsulod sa datos nga mahimo usab nga hinungdan nga isalikway ang pipila nga mga transaksyon. Mao nga kinahanglan ka magdesisyon kung pila ang imong kinahanglan nga datos ug kung unsa ang labing maayo alang kanimo ug sa imong kinitaan. Ang parehas nga mga bangko usahay mosalikway sa mga pagbayad nga adunay status nga ‘dili pasidunggan’ ug kinahanglan nimo nga kontakon ang imong kustomer aron makapangutana sila sa ilang bangko bahin sa hinungdan (taas nga lebel sa bag-ong kalihokan sa usa ka kard, kakulang sa pagpares sa impormasyon sa AVS, usa ka kard kay lapas na sa limitasyon niini, o lain-laing mga rason nga ang bangko ra ang makahibalo).

Usa ka Ehemplo sa Pagbayad sa Stripe

Pagkolekta sa datos sa CC – (pagpatin-aw sa tokenization ug usa ka pananglitan)

Para sa pagkolekta sa CC data mahimo namong gamiton ang Checkout, Stripe.js elements lib, react Stripe elements lib nga naggamit sa Stripe js, mobile libs, ug react native tipisi-stripe. Ang Checkout nagtanyag usa ka pagpili sa mga porma aron makolekta ang datos, samtang ang ubang mga pamaagi nanginahanglan kanimo sa paghimo sa imong kaugalingon nga naandan nga porma. Ang proseso sa luwas nga pagkolekta sa datos sa CC gamit ang usa ka tighatag sa pagbayad gitawag nga tokenization tungod kay among gibaylo ang tanan nga sensitibo nga datos alang sa usa ka mubo nga kinabuhi nga timaan sa datos. Ug kana ang tanan bahin sa tokenization. Kini nga timaan mahimong magamit sa ulahi alang sa paghimo sa usa ka higayon nga bayad sa usa ka kostumer o alang sa paghimo sa usa ka kustomer (Tan-awa ang seksyon sa ubos). Ang mosunod nga pananglitan magtutok sa pinakasimple nga paagi sa tokenization nga gitawag og Checkout. Kung gigamit ang pag-checkout kami adunay duha nga kapilian, yano ug naandan. Atong tan-awon ang code.

Checkout yano nga kapilian

Sa checkout yano nga kapilian ang tanan gihatag alang kanimo gikan sa usa ka pagpili sa mga kapilian. Ang kinahanglan nimong buhaton mao ang pag-embed sa mosunod nga code sa imong webpage:

Karon atong tan-awon kon unsay atong mahimo sa token sa backend

Pag-charge sa kustomer – usa ka pananglitan

Ang token moadto sa backend. Gamiton nato ang node sa paghimo og customer ug dayon i-charge sila base sa gibalik nga customer id kung adunay panginahanglan.

import stripeModule gikan sa ‘stripe’;

import config gikan sa ‘../config/config’;

import logger gikan sa ‘../log’;

klase nga StripeService {

tigtukod() {

const {strike} = config();

this.stripe = stripeModule(stripe.secretKey);


createCustomer(stripeToken, email) {`pagmugna og kustomer ${email}`);

ibalik kini.stripe.customers.create({


tinubdan: stripeToken,



Ibalik niini ang token apan hinumdomi ang pagdumala sa mga sayup nga moabut. Kung ang tubag molampos pangitaa lang ang id nga iya sa kustomer ug i-save kini para magamit sa ulahi. Gamiton nimo ang customer id para maningil ang user. Atong tan-awon kon unsaon pagbuhat niini:

chargeCustomer(customerId, kantidad, desc, idempotencyKey) {

ibalik kini.stripe.charges.create({


currency: ‘usd’,

kustomer: customerId,

paghulagway: desc,

}, {

idempotency_key: idempotencyKey,



Mao ra ba? Oo apan palihug hinumdumi ang mahitungod sa pagkaandam alang sa mga kapakyasan ug pagsulay pag-usab kon gikinahanglan.

Pagpirma sa mga panghitabo – usa ka pananglitan

Mahimong i-update ni Stripe ang CC sa kliyente kung expire na kini ug magamit kini sa kadaghanan nga mga kard sa MasterCard, Discover, ug Visa. Giunsa kana mahimo?- Ang Stripe nagtrabaho sa mga network sa kard ug awtomatiko nga gisulayan nga i-update ang mga detalye sa kard kung ang usa ka kustomer makadawat usa ka bag-ong kard. Kung gi-update ang impormasyon sa card makadawat ka og webhook nga adunay panghitabo sama sa mosunod: “customer.source.updated.” Mahimo ka usab nga magpalista aron mahibal-an sa dili pa ang expiration date sa panghitabo nga “customer.source.expiring.” Ang Webhook usa ka kinatibuk-ang paagi sa pag-sign up sa lainlaing mga panghitabo nga himuon sa Stripe. Tawgon ka nila sa usa ka paagi sa pagduso aron dili nimo kinahanglan nga magbira alang sa kasayuran ug ang kinahanglan nimong buhaton mao ang pag-expose sa usa ka webhook. Kung interesado ka lang sa pagbayad sa card kung dili kinahanglan ang paggamit sa Stripe webhooks. Ang mga webhook gi-configure sa seksyon sa mga setting sa webhook sa Dashboard, diin makadugang ka og bag-ong URL para sa pagdawat sa mga webhook. Ang lohika alang sa webhook kinahanglan nga idempotent ug ang pirma sa webhook kinahanglan nga mapamatud-an.

import stripeModule gikan sa ‘stripe’;

import express gikan sa ‘express’;

import bodyParser gikan sa ‘body-parser’;

const STRIPE_SECRET_KEY = ‘sk_test_your_key_dinhi’;

const WEBHOOK_SECRET = ‘whsec_your_key_here’

const stripe = stripeModule(STRIPE_SECRET_KEY);

const app = express();

app.use(require(“body-parser”).raw({type: “*/*”}));

// kini tawgon pinaagi sa stripe‘/webhook/test’, (req, res) => {

const signature = req.headers[‘stripe-signature’];

const event = stripe.webhooks.constructEvent(req.body, pirma, WEBHOOK_SECRET);

// Iproseso ang panghitabo – siguruha nga wala’y mahimo

kung(eventWasNotProcessed(event)) {



res.json({nadawat: tinuod});


app.listen(8000, () => console.log(“Nagdagan sa port 8000”));

Uban pang mga kapabilidad sa Stripe

Ang mga serbisyo sa Stripe dili lamang limitado sa mga serbisyo sa Pagbayad nga among gitan-aw sa kini nga artikulo. Nagtanyag usab ang Stripe:

– Mga Suskrisyon: Aron maningil ang mga kustomer sa nagbalikbalik nga sukaranan. Ang Stripe adunay daghang mga plano alang sa matag kustomer lakip ang mga diskwento

– Sumpaysumpaya: Usa ka solusyon nga gamiton kung magsilbi ka nga plataporma tali sa mga kliyente ug mga tigbaligya. Uban niini nga solusyon mahimo nimong ibalhin ang salapi gikan / sa imong mga kliyente ug tigbaligya.

– Sigma: Usa ka bahin alang sa pagsulat sa naandan nga mga taho nga magamit sa imong dashboard. Gihimo kini pinaagi sa pagsulat sa ANSI SQL nga mga pangutana batok sa Stripe schema. Mahimo usab nimong gamiton ang mga naka-iskedyul nga mga pangutana aron mas ma-automate ang mga butang – ang mga resulta ipadala isip mga panghitabo sa webhook o pinaagi sa email. Hibaloi lang nga ang paggamit sa sigma dili libre ug makamugna kini og dugang gasto.

– Radar – Usa ka sistema sa pagkat-on sa makina sa pagpanalipod sa panlimbong. Mahimo nimo kini gamiton kung imong gi-integrate ang Checkout, Stripe.js, Elements, ug mobile SDK integrations (tipisi-stripe magamit usab dinhi).

Summing up

Uban niini nga kahibalo mahimo nimong maproseso ang imong una nga pagbayad. Kung nagpili sa Stripe hinumdumi nga ikaw ang responsable sa imong kaugalingon nga pagsunod sa PCI pagkahuman sa una nga 6 milyon nga mga transaksyon.

5 Sources of Funding, For a Down – Fee

However, living happily, in a particular home, requires more than, simple, financial considerations, the reality, usually, is, unless / until, you can meet the economic / financial requirements, including the fee, and monies, are required. for closing costs/expenses, you cannot meet these other requirements/needs! After, over a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I strongly believe, the more educated, and willing, the potential, qualified, to buy a home, the better, his ability to make decisions. , and, most of all, his delight, with the whole process! One of these things, which requires attention, and preparation, is the availability of the necessary funds, for the necessary, down-payment, etc., in connection with, closing costs. With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to consider, analyze, review, and discuss, 5 potential sources of funding.

1. Friends and family: Probably, one of the only – biggest, source for this fund, is your friends, and family! You probably know many homeowners, who get most of the funds they need, from either one, or a combination of these sources! It is, in general, the people, who care most about us, and our needs, therefore, if they can. usually, willing to help, at best, in their personal situation, allows!

2. 401 (K); unions; etc .: Unlike an IRA, there are no tax penalties, if we borrow funds, from our 401 (K) plans, for the purpose of a down-payment, on a home! Many labor unions, too, offer, plans, for their members, to help with these types of events. Some employers have specific programs, designed to help, to inspire and motivate, employees, to remain loyal to their company. The key, is, to think, out -of -the -box!

3. Personal storage: Long-term, financial planning, unfortunately, rarely works! With the power of compounding, and the concept, of, Periodic – Payment – Investment, those with discipline, focus, and commitment, as well as the ability, from time to time, set aside specific funds, for this purpose , accumulated the amount of personal savings, which can, can have it paid, available!

4. Sell ​​financial assets: Some use other financial assets, such as stocks, bonds, etc., to raise the necessary funds, in a ready manner!

5. Different percentages of down-payments, required: However, many believe, one must have 20%, in order to put, in fact, there are many conditions, when a small amount is required. In fact, on average, the down – payment, is about 13%. However, one should realize, if you put in a little, it will translate, into a higher monthly fee. This can cause other challenges, about qualifying for a loan, as well as monthly financial stresses!

The reason, is, be prepared! The more you know your options, the better you can evaluate them, and do, what works best, for you!